Tajikistan photography trip will be a look at a very different geography. Even in cities, Tajiks still wear traditional clothes. We will photograph their lives in these special clothes in cities and villages. Afghans live in the parts of the villages close to the Afghanistan border, and we will have a chance to take pictures of Afghans by going to these villages. Uzbeks will appear in some villages. Of course, we will photograph mostly Tajiks. We write all this so that we can describe the rich variety of changing local clothes and changing images.

Travel Date: 26 June 2023 – 6 July 2023

Trip Price: 1970 USD (the price to be paid by a single person in a double room)

Single price difference: 250 USD

    You can leave us your mobile phone information to join the trip, get information about the trip and be informed about all subsequent trips via WhatsApp

    Our trip is organized with Turhande Tourism Travel Company, which we are a partner in, Türsab Group A, Document No. 4393.


    Day 1: we will land at our first stop, Dushanbe. We will reach our hotel and leave our belongings according to the room situation and start our tour. We will visit and photograph Hisor Castle, where we will take beautiful photos because of its architecture. Then we will return to the city and take a break. Then we will start to tour the oldest and most crowded market of the city. Since we will be a little tired today, we should have a soft day and be prepared for the days ahead. In the evening, after having our dinner together at a local restaurant, we will retreat to our hotel to rest.

    Day 2: After our breakfast, our adventure will begin. Starting today, we will be walking around the border of Afghanistan a little bit. We will take pictures in the villages here. The geography will suddenly change. We will see that Afghan people are conservative in their dressing style and beard. However, when it comes to hospitality, the doors will open for the photo shoot. During the day we will stop and take pictures in the villages and beautiful landscapes. In the evening, we will eat dinner together and rest in our hotel. The total journey will take 7-8 hours.

    Day 3: Today, after breakfast, we will enter the autonomous region of Gorno with a special permit. This is a very interesting region that got independence from Tajikistan. Everyone has to pay 25 Euros at the border for this entry. There is a full mixed population in the region. It is a very colorful place where some Tajik, some Kyrgyz, Chinese and Afghan people live. Here we will take pictures all day long and have our dinner here. Our stay will be at the hotel in this region. The total journey will take 5-6 hours.

    Day 4: After breakfast, we will continue on our way. Today we will come to the area where we will see the Pamir landscape on one side and the Hindu Kush on the other. This road is the old silk road. We will continue our journey by seeing the remains and settlements on this road and photographing them. There will be hot springs on our way today. All day long, while the villages say landscapes, it will be time for dinner. After we all have our dinner together, we will stay at a family’s house tonight. Total journey will take 5-6 hours

    Day 5: After breakfast, we will go to the mountain roads again. Today we will be at the highest 4000 meters. Our sights on the way will be Gelenkul and Yasilkul Lakes. At our last point, we will reach and photograph a region between the town and the village where the Kyrgyz and Pamir Tajik people live together. After having our dinner together, we will rest in our hotel. Our hotel here is 2 star. Don’t have too high expectations. Our total route will be 5-6 hours throughout the day.

    Day 6: After breakfast, we will go to see the world’s largest glacier outside the polar region today. Continuing for 77 kilometers and covering an area of ​​700 square kilometers, this glacier is absolutely breathtaking. We will climb to 4655 meters. After the glacial landscapes, of course, we will be guests in a mountain village and take photos. Today will be breathtaking enough, we will rest in our hotel after having dinner all together. Our total route today will be 7-8 hours. Our hotel will be 2 star again in this region.

    Day 7: After breakfast, we will have a 5-6 hour journey again today. We will continue to take pictures along the way. We will come to the city of Khorog at the foot of the mountains. Of course, until we come to the city, we will pass through the plains and mountains and take pictures. We will all have dinner together. Our stay will be in a 3-star hotel here.

    Day 8: After breakfast, we will continue on the Pamir road, seeing the magnificent scenery of Afghanistan. We will stop and take pictures for the beautiful shots we see as long as we can. We will finish the day by taking pictures in the villages on the road until the evening. After having dinner at a local place, we will rest in our 4-star hotel. Today, our road will take 5-6 hours.

    Day 9: After breakfast, we will drive to Dushanbe. Our road is 370 km, but this road will take 7-8 hours. Again, the day will pass with road photos. We will go up to 2250 meters and go down. We will see the city of Kulob and photograph it. Shurobod and Vose will be the places we will see today. When we reach the city in the evening, we will have our dinner together and will rest in our hotel. Our hotel here will be 4 stars.

    Day 10: After breakfast, we will be transferred to the airport according to our flight time. For a photographer, this trip will definitely be a trip to take stunning landscapes and portraits. We will see lives frozen in time.

    Included / Not included in the Price:

    Included in the Price: 

    • All accommodation (2, 3, 4-star hotels and homestays)
    • Morning breakfasts and dinners
    • All city and intercity transportation by air-conditioned vehicles
    • English and Turkish guidance services
    • photography consultancy
    • Private travel insurance
    • Entrance fees to the places written in the program (excluding additional payments required for cameras)
    • In-vehicle refreshments, 1 closed bottle of drinking water every day
    • Taxes

    Not included in the Price: 

    • Round-trip flight ticket from Dushanbe to Istanbul
    • PCR test fee (if requested on the date we go) and Covid-19 comprehensive insurance
    • Foreign departure fee
    • Meals other than specified and all drinks included in the price
    • Tips (tips are expected)
    • Entrance fee to the autonomous zone is 25 Euros per person
    • For stays of 10 days or more, registration fee to the police is 25 USD per person (this may not be requested, it will be returned on the 10th day)